I truly believe you
I truly believe you
















Between heaven and earth elves in number in the North snow, you can see large tracts of snow, from HD photos enlarged after the first time I see her face, like the tree tops like the M word, in the south, I saw the snow was particularly cordial, a love of her white, white thoroughly, they render the pure white, without a trace of defect, fall in the palm of the hand is full of be good to hear or see. Two love her, humble see light disappears, like a virgin girl saw a man like that shynesshome organizer online.

Under the three snow in my mind there, first time was three years old, with heavy happiness. Home of the beam on the Wafi, on the road, the trees, the ravine where all her shadow, step up and creak sound, it will snow can flood feet. Night snow is often used when you wake up the morning coldadd hair, you will be surprised to find that, the world has her site, free and happy all put on her clothes, and then in the things with you, while the sun was away, tell you what is missing. Three love her rare, she did not rain so sentimental, after another; she is no sun that warm, can give everything covered with golden light; she has no frost so cold, frozen vegetable all Yan deeply, she has her white, her silk implicit, in the cold is give you're a little warmth, like goddess, far let you feel ethereal but let your heart is full of yearning warmth, hundred-percent calledLED lamp.

The winter of 2013 to the cold than previous years, is destined to be an extraordinary year. Now the trees in people's industrious and brave has lose one's beyond recognition, Daofu traces have been to the creatures of the heart, don't know if he stops at the moment, people will not be frightened tears. While he was still young, she will come, I don't care if she was to whom to, as long as I can see her heart meet.

Doesn't love early this morning because I, snow slipped out of the bed, with the mobile phone to snap a few, fear of a long lost friend and I became a farewell.

There is a wait is looking forward to, there is a kind of happiness that tearful hug, not touch you gently, so that I can see you away, I did not wait for courage, also do not know old age, I just want to have even a moment of the moment.

No regrets

Curtain corner waves rolled up the crumpled horn, the sun through the beam gauze with looseTeny Wu

I in this town at the highest roof, gray neon lights twinkling in the sky color

Suddenly remembered the film in destiny repeatedly, confused smile always in turn becomes strangeSamsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases

Tears left in the dark and yellow transition imprinted folding paper

Youth ignorant days wandering disconsolate, no solutionAsian college of knowledge management.

We as the poetry that worry, the dream echoed with a lonely, mind floating memory with elegant colors.

I couldn't bear to lift the withered flower, for fear that they will not so much power, even for a small spend up to a bit of hope,

Lying on the table, nest in the arms, fell in front of the computer eyes terribly fatigued.

Graffiti let themselves find it hard to accept.

You can see in front of a mottled? Muddy liquid floating on the cheek

Bright eyes, become mixed up world

Palm lines flashing sparkling sweat.

Watching the street workers of Ping Ping drove the nail into the wall, sounds like it can break through the downtown earth.

The wind blowing autumn leaves, not sad, is in full bloom, no sense of feeling.

The probe from the sidelines sewer gully. Next, not between the hydrophobic contacts, lively some lonely.

Sunshine grazed many-storied buildings roof according to the pavement, a faint light fantasy.

We start with a lot of expectations from the sea, the sunset date, from the nebula.

The wall above, I seem to hear the walls of the cold cream.

Gray color with a black curtain reflection, our era has ended.

Desalination handwriting, strokes, can not represent what.

Pride has been for the past.

How is the tacit understanding is so long wan.

Is it right? Compass deliberately side you my position.

I saw the tree branches around the ground, there will never be a sun faintly transmission.

The tree is green green moss, like tears wet.

Mediocre moved

I often happy daze of others, to little joy perceived survival and in the crevice, to explore and to cool buildings in numerous living beings, experience the suffering of pulsation, torn howling. In the words of the life of boiling hot, in weak soul to chew the taste of life, but I don't know this word behind why so unbearable obscure soul. When all the bright side is the shadow, I don't want to pretend to be a naive only deceive oneself and others, suffering is only fix true, only constantly deny can feel the sunshine so realSamsung Note 3 cases.

The most beautiful moment also can not escape the count every minute and second. Like a song, shallow shallow sing, along the way, the wind Piaoguo, when tired, tired, sad, want to take the mask off to do their own, only to find that every story continues involuntarily, so, if the story is not the beginning and the end, also not fall behind the scenes of the sad and bitter, then remember only the bright time, write this I have to laugh, life is always an idealist suffer all kinds of negation in reality, but I am still in the dreamscrapbooking storage.

Often in the night attack my original bright, in the failed revolt, I will let my tired, I do not pursue endless, in pursuit of that little charming backlighting, embark on a wrong way, go farther, the more deep fault. Not the ability is here, have a lingering fear. Not into the heart, will not stab the heart. Allow to my annoyance, but don't playWomen fashion, I'm strong on the surface was a drop of sunlight lost, for only moved in earthly vanity taste fishes. Maybe there are a lot of frustration, like time, such as responsibility, such as love...... I always do not want to talk about their feelings, they may be afraid of, perhaps to escape, it seems to me that love is a kind of attitude, hidden in the section of Chapter I moved, but the feeling is transient, cannot catch, more difficult to wait. Even remember in heart, also difficult to accomplish in the world. In fact, love is a habit of letting nature take its course. Time, here. Also finally understand, love to use, are not only all the feelings, for tonight, I still don't want to mention, perhaps I was also afraid to see their own vulnerability, or write a hair get out of hand, and tonight I wanna do a bustling world scenery, words in between the lines, I want to forget, sit facing each other in silence. I also need how long, perhaps for a long time.

Dry a season season, abandoned some and some stories, although many continued, although many do not abandon...... Cool twist wet feeling, dry and dull action into the age of. Perhaps the time can let a person very much, just the length of it, now, a spirit fades, like silent, as if could not the courage to go back to the past, even think, often paste is confused cheat yourself, time waits for no one, I wait for my own, is easy to be moved, because it is passive, do not know the initiative to control, like standing there waiting, is not in, what, just let alone have a fulcrum.

God like knife, knife cut in from the heart, wandering over the years, spring is drunk, and who just woke up? Shana Fanghua have gone with the wind, only the moment of tenderness, but this moment gentle can touch my heart that already rusting screw, negative life romantic, but also negative to myself, light time how things worthy of looking back but could not bear to forget, even if I already lost.

all let nature take its course

Remembered very poor, he is a poor student, is also the brothers for my tuition, I have the money to eatoverhead garage storage, let me save to buy books, knowledge into the brain, but my stomach hurt, now a cold on the stomach, but I was happy, the books are all in Wenhai, hand cannot sleep pillow book, books, school books go back, holding books, thinking always through the ocean of knowledge, people talk to me, many times, don't listen to, spirit all concentrated in within the book, a nerd may be so. Relatives and friends all say I read silly, people sigh, is my happiness. Also only oneself know, how high the sky is, and how wide the heart, not only with the dream, there is a wide worldfashion men clothing.

Though born in a small village, accustomed to looking at the cottage cottage green mountains and rivers, listening to the birds singing loud, barefoot on a dirt road many times, is deep in the memory, not wipe off the ground without. Although poor, but my heart has a bottom line of life and dignity, "people should not be arrogant, but not without characters." The poor children early masters, since I learned independence and survival, although I do very hard, but I never and others, there is no failure and inferiority complex. Get up, from light used to feet, don't afraid to throw to throw shoesinvestment!

So, the village out of that land, rural road, when, I was not a bit confused, can also see their own direction, each of the same occupation, every heavy, will face. Then happiness, not a luxury villa, but every time I see the joy of loved ones, not to live an extravagant life, but Ping Pingan Ann came home, take branny pharynx course. Leave every time it is not the end, more time is another new beginning. As a prodigal son wandering outside, fear most is lonely and lonely, so, I will use my pen, with my sincere feelings of chastity, language, to touch each other's hearts. Send me a lonely, lonely road, a road.

Blossom end, the flowers are silent

Listen to a song as boundless as the sea and sky, feel or with or without warmth. Twist a ethereal moonlight, Miss far-off regions. Subtle longing, a touch of sadness. When I think of you, you in the sky. Miss you, in your dream. It is a small world we meet. We understand. What does acquaintance matterStorage for toys.

If time could stop, let it stop when I look at you of that a moment. When in eternal time, still, I tender eyes,. If life can come, I still would like to meet you. Shallow rub shoulders, warm. I give my life to you in the peer and tenderness. You write life wandering, ink stained the Qing indulge. You are I this life the most beautiful encounterotter box iphone case.

Want to let time stop in this warm days, no way, no rules, no complaints from the war, only to warm slowly read. I a little drunk in your deep poetic text, you snuggle in my earnest temperature's care. Sofashion men clothing wholesale, a little happiness.

Don't want to see you down in the time tunnel, don't want to hear you again in the far farewell, unwilling to let you so quietly away from my sight, unwilling to face the end of parting. The autumn wind fan painting what sad, but only as in the beginning. Maybe one day, you are not you, I am not I. Sit facing each other in silence each scattered in the crowd, boundless place. They are, different things off, the first flow of tears. Now you love me life, though you have not separated. See you every day is still in the shadow, silently in the heart of joy had stopped. You feel at ease in, i.

Maybe one day, you do not belong to me, I do not belong to you. Love conquers all had gone with the wind over the swing, tearful eyes asked Huahua not language. The so-called oath has been occasionally to lie, how alone sad.

Encounter is the previous amendments to the edge, but life from bitter ferry boat. If a bitter, why the song of everlasting sorrow.

Only if the first sign of life, I will cherish this fate with one's whole life. When the wind blows you, love is in the world of mortals. Flower in the world, a person's life and memory. If I leave, never ever meet again. If you don't give up, hold your hand. Unfinished song to dream, how a close.

Shallow line in poetry the misty rain in the south, for a thousand drunk a few heavy. Linger to smoke Willow Bridge painting in the morning breeze and the lingering moon, for your constant love. Few of the world. Only in a curtain dust if snow dream, each other speechless, a million years. Flowers will, and emotions, for you drunk only shallow sing. The flowers are silent, snow, Wan Yan, as you go about.