I truly believe you
I truly believe you















I play in Jiangnan through

Rain in April, for a season, drops of green bamboo, have influenced the setting sun, it tells me that the fog has been scattered. In the evening sky, sunset covered, red, like a shy little girl's face. Street deep, have a garden, there is full of clove and gladiolus, and several clusters of white rose and non blood rose, equally attractive. To the street to the stone bridge, the river, the water, the breeze light boat. The shore Shu Tung, who was still at all. Tong old seat, a few old friends and made a pot of tea. A see chatting, laughing.

Qing Shiban paved, staggered Ying, like structured, like a messy, and like in my direction, luring me. Gray tiles and white walls, cornices with exquisite pagoda, hanging on the bells, jingle, good a slow. The rain hit the window, through the sandalwood carving patterns, the ancient totem, showing the Cangsang years. A small door lintel embedded script, fine sounding name "access to the moon". The garden curly to arch Pavilion fly, proud head tower, it is mad sparse "access to the moon" heroic, even with this small garden hand in photograph should be different, the same wonderful.

Enjoy the flowers, the scent of bird color, listen to the Qing Yin, slow sound, the parrot in the root red line on each other, do not have some flavor. The joy of garden path, the gap between green sand is not inferior to the opposite leaves, red foil, it more greenery. I want to play through this funny, aimless enjoy. In this like a fairyland paradise, although less "access to the moon". But still now, the fog cage green yarn, the breeze blowing, like who in the whirling in.

The messenger that Hua Xianzi, slowly coming to me, and lightly. Near beauty, it is muscle as creamy, tooth like broken jade. Pink on people's faces, shawls hair fluttering, surplus water clear autumn eye drop crisp. A charming smile, very shallow dimples, wore a white shirt, skirt flying, clean ran one from among the flowers slowly walk, the breeze Qing Nong, skirt with incense. Obsessed with the butterfly, has drunk alcohol concentration, the other I feel excited.

Behind the cluster rose, the rose bush, was Hua Xianzi in the place, and the butterfly guard on duty, the bees. The Jiangnan rain misty, hazy, graceful West, the vast Confidante. Meet no period is long, the kind of pleasing beauty; and the son encounter, and cause my memories of home of love. In the romantic flowers of the season, leaving a beautiful memory. I play in Jiangnan through, the rain wet my footprints. Rocked the boat, river carp jump on my bow. This pole out of the brush, tie the boat to the house to the East, facing the east window of Gao