I truly believe you
I truly believe you















Liu smoke vaguely port
In the night, I put the thoughts weave into a flower, not to the shadow swaying, and then, the embrace of the pipa, a water filled meaning light, waiting for the curtain, any feelings, elegant and picturesque fashion women clothing wholesale.

When midnight wind through the window, miss, portable with water whisper whisper, stepping on the years of a road over the flowers, across the south, near you in the rain the night slowly. Tonight, I want to in your bosom, gently: "mountain without edges, heaven, but dare and the king mustManaged Cloud"......

Since love corner meet, beautiful dream is always in my heart, or spread. Now, I think your open hand, read, each process landscape have I for you. Don't finish the hazy picture, write not over of cifinancial planning.

Met you, I met a beautiful blurred misty rain, from now on, on your dribs and drabs, will also become my innermost story. Good Yunnan, a paradise on earth, Yunnan because of you, I know, my heart, my love, will always stay in heaven. Melody of the wind, the day the most known; water que, mountain. Life holds hand of the child, even though the mountains cover the long road, the water and the gentleman far, if you love know I admire Han, go hand in hand. Really want to, and you together with the time to drink, meet a season season flowers, let our heart boat, only load spring not loaded with sorrow.

Gentleman, I can't forget the things you once in my ear repeatedly Niandao sentence: "the origin, I see you in the crowd. When I, I see you in the crowd". Please believe that, regardless of mountains multiply and streams double back, regardless of origin edge off, I will be in the Acacia ferry, dressed in dream Dieyi, the surplus of a sleeve in the wind the chanting of sutras, as you rise and dance in a happy mood......

Do you know?? You are my fleeting glance to see, and unable to part from which I present the red. When I light on tiptoe, and you kiss, my heart will make you a world city, Xu waiting you sansei III, Xu you Millennium reincarnation tie up. When your love upon my lips, I know, my love has been cultivated in the south of the Yangtze River on the road to Yunnan, your smile, is my best day, life with you, since can warm.

I wish for you, please hold a hairpin, string together a pro love, no matter when, as long as you come, the flower of love.

I wish for you, the dream outside the dream with clear string, in a life, love, don't let West Star recalls, not to let Zhuang Sheng Xiao Mengcheng.

I wish for you, let life charming light around a world lingering sings, with Wang Fuya on watch posture, waiting for the lake boats by the flying cloud, charming smile to all night.