I truly believe you
I truly believe you















Her romantic themes
The quiet corner, a shaking Shuying, stop and go, free in the half awake dreams. The floor of the snow cover, screen glass Moon sobs, leaving the creak talking footprintsMPLS VPN......

Walk in the The Strip, eyes a cold dip my, look at the familiar street, familiar with the cake shop, and sat on the roadside, happy eating snacks, follow the beat of the music, touch your laughter, I seem to find the most familiar but strange figure? Yesterday's appearance, has become today's vicissitudes, scattered in the moonlight, buried in a thick layer of snowDoing business in china!

Busy street, the noisy crowd, eye light, enveloped me throb uneasy heart. The moonlight shone with snow, I quietly intoxicated, listen to the fleeting in the passionsman t shirts sale.

Can't see the past, could not hear the billows, confused destined, memory was confused, twittering. The former present fate, because of ignorance, good dream. A solemn pledge of love agreement, eventually arrived but the ravages of time, sinking in the years to come.

Pretrial flowers bloom, crushed a residual red, clear night singing, sound off a roll of soft. The number of earthly time, paid the Shuidong to. How much care, stranded in the ink. How many clouds dispersed, not as much as the residual light withered away. Generation after generation of reincarnation, the full moon, but wear but end of season two.

Look up at the starry sky, the cold night, and with very much, the most beautiful past, they hide in the heart, let it gradually old, with strings broke, with clouds, let the sky fireworks will it burn. Fixed in the beautiful moment

Tonight for you I hold a snowflake, force and the moonlight like water to you looking at the sky, accompany you to see the snow dance like together!

Look, you love to laugh eyes, love make action, beautiful long hair, were glad in my brow. Snow Oh snowflake, drifting and shaking, and you fall in love in a beautiful winter, but failed to accompany you to sit through a snow scene......

Snow fell to the palm of the hand, into the cold water, hold it, but from a palmprint, secretly slipped away, looking at it with wind, listening to the dance, the palm of the hand is empty, tears trickling down one's cheeks.

I quietly walked in the snow, your love, engraved in the beautiful petals, the outline of your figure with soft smooth lines, points with the aroma of rose copy of your smile, gently you light up in romantic themes, deep......