I truly believe you
I truly believe you















The collection of happiness

Summer, the road People are hurrying to and fro., heavy traffic; the sun high up in the sky, look up, stab eyes; sweltering heat, light, the supermarket rentoucuandong, sales girl sweet voice, with adults and children have to eat dumplings, noodles waiting. In the vegetable market, it is lively and extraordinary: wide width and narrow road leading to the market, numerous shops feel convenient but too crowded. Call sell meters, Key Duplication Service, selling pirated discs, selling pirated books, clothes, shoes, sell bread, newspaper, magazine, a see things in a blurembroidery by beads.

All this, gave me asphyxia and lonely feeling. To leave this place, to find the true inner fillingInformation Security.

The campus, an idyllic scene, I sat under a tree, look lonely past. When I was young, optimistic by nature, I always everywhere channeling the door, to see Gon Freecss home "saints", Ping sister home to swing, pick the turtle, dragon house to play, but as the days passed quickly, the twinkling of an eye, I began sad reading career. Performance is always the last one, standing by the teacher, students were isolated, laughed atmetal iphone case, I endure, tear filled with. When looking at the students laughing and talking, in pairs, flavor is not very in the heart.

That year, I wronged you, say I stole her small stones, it is silence, beyond dispute.

That year, I am a person sitting in the classroom, with tears in his eyes, no one, no one will play with me, do homework together, no one to comfort me, no one knows my lonely sad.

That year, I was a teacher of inexplicable scold, classmates secretly laugh at. The teacher, is to see I do not pleasing to the eye, always buckle me many points, disrelish me clothes ragged, also accused me of cheating on exams. No one knows, my heart in anguish.

That year, I was a boy I complain, PE did not wear shoes, he also has scolded, chasing, I had to hide in the ladies' room, tears.

That year, the teacher put me on the front row, but the students applauded "farewell", a girl kicked me, I listened to the teacher, while water erase seemingly flow not dried tears, the side of the girl looked at me in the snicker. The heart of sour who know?

That year, the school outing, nobody is willing to a group with me, I'm alone, wandering in the playground to dodge, tears, heart sad. In fact, it is not just that year, almost every year, people don't want to play with me.