I truly believe you
I truly believe you
















Between heaven and earth elves in number in the North snow, you can see large tracts of snow, from HD photos enlarged after the first time I see her face, like the tree tops like the M word, in the south, I saw the snow was particularly cordial, a love of her white, white thoroughly, they render the pure white, without a trace of defect, fall in the palm of the hand is full of be good to hear or see. Two love her, humble see light disappears, like a virgin girl saw a man like that shynesshome organizer online.

Under the three snow in my mind there, first time was three years old, with heavy happiness. Home of the beam on the Wafi, on the road, the trees, the ravine where all her shadow, step up and creak sound, it will snow can flood feet. Night snow is often used when you wake up the morning coldadd hair, you will be surprised to find that, the world has her site, free and happy all put on her clothes, and then in the things with you, while the sun was away, tell you what is missing. Three love her rare, she did not rain so sentimental, after another; she is no sun that warm, can give everything covered with golden light; she has no frost so cold, frozen vegetable all Yan deeply, she has her white, her silk implicit, in the cold is give you're a little warmth, like goddess, far let you feel ethereal but let your heart is full of yearning warmth, hundred-percent calledLED lamp.

The winter of 2013 to the cold than previous years, is destined to be an extraordinary year. Now the trees in people's industrious and brave has lose one's beyond recognition, Daofu traces have been to the creatures of the heart, don't know if he stops at the moment, people will not be frightened tears. While he was still young, she will come, I don't care if she was to whom to, as long as I can see her heart meet.

Doesn't love early this morning because I, snow slipped out of the bed, with the mobile phone to snap a few, fear of a long lost friend and I became a farewell.

There is a wait is looking forward to, there is a kind of happiness that tearful hug, not touch you gently, so that I can see you away, I did not wait for courage, also do not know old age, I just want to have even a moment of the moment.