I truly believe you
I truly believe you















Mediocre moved

I often happy daze of others, to little joy perceived survival and in the crevice, to explore and to cool buildings in numerous living beings, experience the suffering of pulsation, torn howling. In the words of the life of boiling hot, in weak soul to chew the taste of life, but I don't know this word behind why so unbearable obscure soul. When all the bright side is the shadow, I don't want to pretend to be a naive only deceive oneself and others, suffering is only fix true, only constantly deny can feel the sunshine so realSamsung Note 3 cases.

The most beautiful moment also can not escape the count every minute and second. Like a song, shallow shallow sing, along the way, the wind Piaoguo, when tired, tired, sad, want to take the mask off to do their own, only to find that every story continues involuntarily, so, if the story is not the beginning and the end, also not fall behind the scenes of the sad and bitter, then remember only the bright time, write this I have to laugh, life is always an idealist suffer all kinds of negation in reality, but I am still in the dreamscrapbooking storage.

Often in the night attack my original bright, in the failed revolt, I will let my tired, I do not pursue endless, in pursuit of that little charming backlighting, embark on a wrong way, go farther, the more deep fault. Not the ability is here, have a lingering fear. Not into the heart, will not stab the heart. Allow to my annoyance, but don't playWomen fashion, I'm strong on the surface was a drop of sunlight lost, for only moved in earthly vanity taste fishes. Maybe there are a lot of frustration, like time, such as responsibility, such as love...... I always do not want to talk about their feelings, they may be afraid of, perhaps to escape, it seems to me that love is a kind of attitude, hidden in the section of Chapter I moved, but the feeling is transient, cannot catch, more difficult to wait. Even remember in heart, also difficult to accomplish in the world. In fact, love is a habit of letting nature take its course. Time, here. Also finally understand, love to use, are not only all the feelings, for tonight, I still don't want to mention, perhaps I was also afraid to see their own vulnerability, or write a hair get out of hand, and tonight I wanna do a bustling world scenery, words in between the lines, I want to forget, sit facing each other in silence. I also need how long, perhaps for a long time.

Dry a season season, abandoned some and some stories, although many continued, although many do not abandon...... Cool twist wet feeling, dry and dull action into the age of. Perhaps the time can let a person very much, just the length of it, now, a spirit fades, like silent, as if could not the courage to go back to the past, even think, often paste is confused cheat yourself, time waits for no one, I wait for my own, is easy to be moved, because it is passive, do not know the initiative to control, like standing there waiting, is not in, what, just let alone have a fulcrum.

God like knife, knife cut in from the heart, wandering over the years, spring is drunk, and who just woke up? Shana Fanghua have gone with the wind, only the moment of tenderness, but this moment gentle can touch my heart that already rusting screw, negative life romantic, but also negative to myself, light time how things worthy of looking back but could not bear to forget, even if I already lost.