I truly believe you
I truly believe you















I do not know, you in where
Full moon night, figure the, know, where thoughtHong Kong VPN!

Warm spring Qiusu, time became tired, Mu a moonlight rain, think lightlystorage solution.

The night is concomitant, whisper, blowing song Xiao vocal music, memories awake.

The wind, the lights in theLocal Courier.

I do not know, tonight of the melody melodious who will be sorrowful?

I do not know, the beautiful moonlight tonight will cut one dream?

I do not know, a smile will be waiting at the tonight who?

In a dream of you, gentle, is it rightcheap furniture stores??

Reading you, such as read a poem; read you, such as a wheel; read you, like a lotus; read you, like a flower.

For me, a sleeve fly, a sleeve of poetry; poetry feelings, a poetic thinking; a leisurely, also like a dream; a dream for years, a dream.

Iraq, know, a man, and have been waiting for, has been in the waiting, but I do not know, where are youiphone leather case!

Reading you, life style, heavy for me, life drunk; you hide, a frown smile, I, the bitter Du; read you a mark, melancholy, my heart broken, Banlan; in you, the moment I smoke shadow, fatigue, life care; and you, my song; chaos dream, a wandering; moment you, a drop of tears, correct me, I beg you, life; I have a luck, change my life, oh; Xu you, a prophecy, eventually I, a no regrets.

Meet you, is my fate; hear you, is my comfort. Edge to edge, cut ceaseless; meet, tangled; originated, poly complex powder. If missed, outcome remains isolated helpless. You said in the past, whether we have met before, this life meet but difficult to continue dream?

Maybe, all karma, without thousands and thousands of words, I think, you know; all karma, without thousands and thousands of words, your kindness and tenderness, I know.

The dream outside the dream world, asked, you in where? Static silent night, against the peace of mind, who knows, where are you!

But, the flowers never sleep, cloud never idle, age. And I, but only in the hearts of the tombstone, carving your name, your dream......