I truly believe you
I truly believe you















And a moment that ought to have lasted for ever

Your poem, is the need to meet tube amp.

The West Road, green grass stretches, the mountains green, green water leisurely. A person walking in them, empty and lonely, when suddenly a flower, suddenly a surprised, and a happy. But in the finger to touch the moment, petals felop blow on the face, full of mystery marie france bodyline.

You were born in the Tang Dynasty, but your poem not like atmospheric condensate convergence of Tang style, is beautiful, subtle, lingering blurred sad. Just as your life, looking forward to political career, but will be successful in every occasion Ashes To Ashes: the longing for love, love is difficult. When the beautiful and eventually became a sad, in the Lantian sun smoke, you will be painful for knot Yu poetry, the blurred sustenance for posterity the infinite daydream Domestic Helpe.

Your poem, is the need for careful reading.

Jinse or, Untitled or. The current to be reduced to ashes, when it suddenly dies, that overseas the shark, would you shed tears, the tears would for pearls, sorry for you?

Want to know the sad you, sensitive to you, would you, poetic you, for thousands of years is the flip days before, there is still a people will sigh for you.

All good exist just to set off the fate of the pale and helpless, even beautiful end into a sad. So, later you will be a heart like a mirror, do not have dust.

However you have existed, in the tide of history; however you loved, in that meets when difficult also difficult day.

Thousands of years past, hope junan......