I truly believe you
I truly believe you















all let nature take its course

Remembered very poor, he is a poor student, is also the brothers for my tuition, I have the money to eatoverhead garage storage, let me save to buy books, knowledge into the brain, but my stomach hurt, now a cold on the stomach, but I was happy, the books are all in Wenhai, hand cannot sleep pillow book, books, school books go back, holding books, thinking always through the ocean of knowledge, people talk to me, many times, don't listen to, spirit all concentrated in within the book, a nerd may be so. Relatives and friends all say I read silly, people sigh, is my happiness. Also only oneself know, how high the sky is, and how wide the heart, not only with the dream, there is a wide worldfashion men clothing.

Though born in a small village, accustomed to looking at the cottage cottage green mountains and rivers, listening to the birds singing loud, barefoot on a dirt road many times, is deep in the memory, not wipe off the ground without. Although poor, but my heart has a bottom line of life and dignity, "people should not be arrogant, but not without characters." The poor children early masters, since I learned independence and survival, although I do very hard, but I never and others, there is no failure and inferiority complex. Get up, from light used to feet, don't afraid to throw to throw shoesinvestment!

So, the village out of that land, rural road, when, I was not a bit confused, can also see their own direction, each of the same occupation, every heavy, will face. Then happiness, not a luxury villa, but every time I see the joy of loved ones, not to live an extravagant life, but Ping Pingan Ann came home, take branny pharynx course. Leave every time it is not the end, more time is another new beginning. As a prodigal son wandering outside, fear most is lonely and lonely, so, I will use my pen, with my sincere feelings of chastity, language, to touch each other's hearts. Send me a lonely, lonely road, a road.

Blossom end, the flowers are silent

Listen to a song as boundless as the sea and sky, feel or with or without warmth. Twist a ethereal moonlight, Miss far-off regions. Subtle longing, a touch of sadness. When I think of you, you in the sky. Miss you, in your dream. It is a small world we meet. We understand. What does acquaintance matterStorage for toys.

If time could stop, let it stop when I look at you of that a moment. When in eternal time, still, I tender eyes,. If life can come, I still would like to meet you. Shallow rub shoulders, warm. I give my life to you in the peer and tenderness. You write life wandering, ink stained the Qing indulge. You are I this life the most beautiful encounterotter box iphone case.

Want to let time stop in this warm days, no way, no rules, no complaints from the war, only to warm slowly read. I a little drunk in your deep poetic text, you snuggle in my earnest temperature's care. Sofashion men clothing wholesale, a little happiness.

Don't want to see you down in the time tunnel, don't want to hear you again in the far farewell, unwilling to let you so quietly away from my sight, unwilling to face the end of parting. The autumn wind fan painting what sad, but only as in the beginning. Maybe one day, you are not you, I am not I. Sit facing each other in silence each scattered in the crowd, boundless place. They are, different things off, the first flow of tears. Now you love me life, though you have not separated. See you every day is still in the shadow, silently in the heart of joy had stopped. You feel at ease in, i.

Maybe one day, you do not belong to me, I do not belong to you. Love conquers all had gone with the wind over the swing, tearful eyes asked Huahua not language. The so-called oath has been occasionally to lie, how alone sad.

Encounter is the previous amendments to the edge, but life from bitter ferry boat. If a bitter, why the song of everlasting sorrow.

Only if the first sign of life, I will cherish this fate with one's whole life. When the wind blows you, love is in the world of mortals. Flower in the world, a person's life and memory. If I leave, never ever meet again. If you don't give up, hold your hand. Unfinished song to dream, how a close.

Shallow line in poetry the misty rain in the south, for a thousand drunk a few heavy. Linger to smoke Willow Bridge painting in the morning breeze and the lingering moon, for your constant love. Few of the world. Only in a curtain dust if snow dream, each other speechless, a million years. Flowers will, and emotions, for you drunk only shallow sing. The flowers are silent, snow, Wan Yan, as you go about.