I truly believe you
I truly believe you















A heart song, chaos heart

Give me three thousand people, into tears the people not to; only confidante easy drunk, drunk intoxicating since missing but not to; give me three thousand reincarnation into Hong Mei, if being together; poem I wrote as a thousand times, ink is a monument, I am afraid that you are not beautiful.

-- "

Love, you can; "my end is no regrets, as the wave." That a few of the acacia, broken who dream, worried the pain spread, heart broken in the air. Love, always let a person to forget about one's own, humble forget yourself, who loves, who hurt deeper. The reality of love, too little to each other, too many lakes. People always keep chasing, in front of the scenery, thought the most beautiful in the future on the road, for they don't stop, don't stop, so miss, rub shoulders, miss, miss. A silly, the world of mortals, Acacia bitter taste. Give me three thousand people, into tears the people not to. At the end of the acacia, wait for my stupid. You are not here, my heart has already left.

The three thousand cycle, the other shore, the stone edge, step by step through the heart and bitter acacia. You are not in,

I will my oath, carved in stone, but you can see, to live this way, only one. Laugh at me silly or stupid, or is not the original, who said that a heartbeat, already for your love ". To do a thousand sails, still can not escape the emotional attachment. When you look back, you are still my first. I think one not careful, and you said of a couple. Love, out of my life, the chaos of my heart.

Only in the text, feel my heartache. Confused, don't know how to break the cocoon of acacia. Once, the thin as onion skin touched, now only used with traces of sadness. If love Gu, dip in confidante. Always thought that the butterfly fly but the sea, is the butterfly flew no courage. Many years later, only to find, not the butterfly flew past, but the sea of that one, had no wait. You pay no heed to the management of your life, and I like that with great care to watch the humble happiness. I follow the same pattern in the poem written to your love, and your dream will have my shadow. Fleeting time is tender, inclination of this life, only for the red Qing Yan, with a smile. You know what? I'm in the heart gently calling, once the initial that heartbeat.

See, once the most beautiful meet. What will you I eventually split, broken heart already left in the memory in the first. Many wait into tears, in the moment you turn, slide, a broken.

Mild rain fall over the shoulder, fall over the shoulder.

The cold, residual petals. Beauty tears, tears trip.

Past lives, so pass. Alone among fallen petals I stand, in the drizzle I glimpse a pair of swallows dashing away. Love, do not wait.

The dream of gentle

It was an autumn afternoon. In the sea, in the sea of song, the first time he threw her arms around her. She strained to hear my beating heart. In his broad arms in, she listened to his gentle voice. Her happiness, sweet looking forward, with!
Close your eyes, her ear is filled with him to sing songs of the lingering, full of his chanting the beauty of poetry, he roar out a song is full of passion.
Open your eyes, around the empty. But the sea breeze caressing her bare arms, she subconsciously hold his shoulders. She know, summer, let a person sad autumn, arrived.
His attentive face just her lingering memory. Her love, her joy, already with the breeze dies. Even if has innumerable twists and turns, even though she will to sing a thousand times over, he, is still not in. She was at a loss, be at a loss what to do. Close your eyes, full of memories of negative, a segment, a plume, entanglement of her fragile heart.