I truly believe you
I truly believe you















he reminds me of dad
you wrote how you wanted to be like him when you grow up.
i'm glad. i don't mind one bit. i hope you do and i hope you are. more like him than me.

but someday. someday you'll know more what it's meant to have a dad like this.

when you're gone from home. from here. when you leave us.
when his words will ring over in your mind and you'll want to remember...
try to remember. what did dad say?

girls. you'll know a good guy when you see him.
one that will cherish and honor you.
you'll know what that looks like. you've seen it here.

a guy that knows the strength of being a servant.
a guy that has self control and not consumed with himself.
a guy that sees your heart not just your body.
a guy that puts your needs ahead of his own.

yes, you'll recognize a guy like that easy.
you'll say, he reminds me of dad.

In the morning
In the morning, we chat about meeting up this afternoon since he had vacant time between 3-6 pm. So I went to the mall to meet him. For a while he was busy talking to someone in the phone, he said that we should go to the food court . Then we went to the food court. I was distancing myself to him, but I was really shocked that he held my arm. It was really awkward. I can't even think what to do Medilase.

In the food court, I was shock for his treatment for the whole time. Then my friend texted me where am I. He told me to text my friend that I'm in a date dermes .
And in my I was thrilled. hahaha. . .I think he wants us to be alone that no one would disturb us ^_^

All of a sudden I did hear him that he wants to hug me !!! >_<
I feel like a elementary student again. Like it's my first time to this thing. When will I get mature Health supplement?
I hope he could be more direct and never doubt. I really want a guy who will always surprise me and who will lead our relationship in a proper way

Who lost the chance
We talked about Sex last night. As a future psychologist I'm open with this topic. And I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to this topic. I watched porn and read Hentai manga. My classmate would eventually shock at me that I know this terms and like that. Well I don't have the experienced but at least I know what's going on and such stuffs. :D hehehehe

Yeah I admit it I want it to happen last night. I know we are scared for doing the act. But I know he's responsible and very much concern of the consequences.
He asked me that night, why am I not scared of him. The answer is I'm really not sure ^_^
I guess it really comes to me that I trust him and I really do love him. That's why I want do it with him. I'm scared maybe that if it did happen he will walk away. ~~,

A survey found that most girls prefer when the guy makes the first move. That's what I thought last night !!! YEAH, I'm happy that he's making the first move. But due to Inexperienced or his alibi that it didn't happen last night. I'm not disappointed that it didn't happen. It's just that due to his inexperienced in this things his plans is ruined I guess. I think his projecting his feelings that night to me. He kept saying that I'm the one who's disappointed. Hey guess what? I'm not. Who lost the chance Last night? hahahaha.