I truly believe you
I truly believe you















Who lost the chance
We talked about Sex last night. As a future psychologist I'm open with this topic. And I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to this topic. I watched porn and read Hentai manga. My classmate would eventually shock at me that I know this terms and like that. Well I don't have the experienced but at least I know what's going on and such stuffs. :D hehehehe

Yeah I admit it I want it to happen last night. I know we are scared for doing the act. But I know he's responsible and very much concern of the consequences.
He asked me that night, why am I not scared of him. The answer is I'm really not sure ^_^
I guess it really comes to me that I trust him and I really do love him. That's why I want do it with him. I'm scared maybe that if it did happen he will walk away. ~~,

A survey found that most girls prefer when the guy makes the first move. That's what I thought last night !!! YEAH, I'm happy that he's making the first move. But due to Inexperienced or his alibi that it didn't happen last night. I'm not disappointed that it didn't happen. It's just that due to his inexperienced in this things his plans is ruined I guess. I think his projecting his feelings that night to me. He kept saying that I'm the one who's disappointed. Hey guess what? I'm not. Who lost the chance Last night? hahahaha.

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Homemade Pizza and Pasta Party
Last Friday we gathered at Jow's place to cook dinner. The menu: homemade pizzas and pasta. The pizzas were a variety of gourmet types based on the menu of Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn, which Chow had tried on a recent visit.
The pasta was a homemade chorizo and butternut squash ravioli. And to top it off, I made kaffir lime cheesecake


Friends gather around the large island in the kitchen, helping to prepare ingredients and eat appetizers. The ravioli are already prepared and drying and we were waiting for the oven to preheat for the pizzas.

For the pasta, I made homemade fresh (not dried) chorizo. I bought pork belly and ground it, adding paprika, garlic, and chili powder.

Browned the sausage in a pan, drained it on paper towels to remove the considerable grease, and then blended it with a butternut squash puree made from locally produced organic squash.

The Benefit of Failure
This last weekend, we spent the day at the home of a couple that are our good friends. We had all the boys, and luckily, their house has lots of open spaces. The boys ran around a lot and in general enjoyed the merriment of having indoor room to run. In addition to space, there were dogs! The boys love dogs. They had two chubbyish chihuahuas and their roommate had two dogs as well. I have no idea what kind home furniture.

The adults had started playing a game (Dominion), and the kids were just generally frolicking from room to room when we heard Oliver really start crying. He had been laying in one of the dog beds, (why are kids always into the dog beds and bowls, and etc.??) and the dog owner of that bed took offense to it and bit him on the hand.
It reminded me of how Thomas and Elijah went out to play a couple weeks ago and I looked out the window to see them both up in the tree. The same tree Elijah fell out of a couple months ago and broke a couple bones. I was so glad to see I didn't have to make him climb it again, he did it of his own volition HTC phone cases.

How many times as adults do we fail at something, and then swear it off? Never doing that again. Once burned twice shy. I've got to say, that's no way to live. We could take a lesson from Oliver and Elijah. (although Oliver should probably stay out of dog beds . . . .) Failure doesn't have to be the end of something. It is just a step on the way. I've failed at a lot of things, personally, professionally, academically, and so on. I don't want everyone to know about all my failures, who does? The reality though, is that failing is a part of growing. No one really does something perfectly the first time they attempt it. In fact, in order to get really good at some things you have to practice and practice and keep trying after you keep failing. Failing is how you learn to do it right. It's how you make progress company registration bvi.