I truly believe you
I truly believe you















I play in Jiangnan through

Rain in April, for a season, drops of green bamboo, have influenced the setting sun, it tells me that the fog has been scattered. In the evening sky, sunset covered, red, like a shy little girl's face. Street deep, have a garden, there is full of clove and gladiolus, and several clusters of white rose and non blood rose, equally attractive. To the street to the stone bridge, the river, the water, the breeze light boat. The shore Shu Tung, who was still at all. Tong old seat, a few old friends and made a pot of tea. A see chatting, laughing.

Qing Shiban paved, staggered Ying, like structured, like a messy, and like in my direction, luring me. Gray tiles and white walls, cornices with exquisite pagoda, hanging on the bells, jingle, good a slow. The rain hit the window, through the sandalwood carving patterns, the ancient totem, showing the Cangsang years. A small door lintel embedded script, fine sounding name "access to the moon". The garden curly to arch Pavilion fly, proud head tower, it is mad sparse "access to the moon" heroic, even with this small garden hand in photograph should be different, the same wonderful.

Enjoy the flowers, the scent of bird color, listen to the Qing Yin, slow sound, the parrot in the root red line on each other, do not have some flavor. The joy of garden path, the gap between green sand is not inferior to the opposite leaves, red foil, it more greenery. I want to play through this funny, aimless enjoy. In this like a fairyland paradise, although less "access to the moon". But still now, the fog cage green yarn, the breeze blowing, like who in the whirling in.

The messenger that Hua Xianzi, slowly coming to me, and lightly. Near beauty, it is muscle as creamy, tooth like broken jade. Pink on people's faces, shawls hair fluttering, surplus water clear autumn eye drop crisp. A charming smile, very shallow dimples, wore a white shirt, skirt flying, clean ran one from among the flowers slowly walk, the breeze Qing Nong, skirt with incense. Obsessed with the butterfly, has drunk alcohol concentration, the other I feel excited.

Behind the cluster rose, the rose bush, was Hua Xianzi in the place, and the butterfly guard on duty, the bees. The Jiangnan rain misty, hazy, graceful West, the vast Confidante. Meet no period is long, the kind of pleasing beauty; and the son encounter, and cause my memories of home of love. In the romantic flowers of the season, leaving a beautiful memory. I play in Jiangnan through, the rain wet my footprints. Rocked the boat, river carp jump on my bow. This pole out of the brush, tie the boat to the house to the East, facing the east window of Gao

And a moment that ought to have lasted for ever

Your poem, is the need to meet tube amp.

The West Road, green grass stretches, the mountains green, green water leisurely. A person walking in them, empty and lonely, when suddenly a flower, suddenly a surprised, and a happy. But in the finger to touch the moment, petals felop blow on the face, full of mystery marie france bodyline.

You were born in the Tang Dynasty, but your poem not like atmospheric condensate convergence of Tang style, is beautiful, subtle, lingering blurred sad. Just as your life, looking forward to political career, but will be successful in every occasion Ashes To Ashes: the longing for love, love is difficult. When the beautiful and eventually became a sad, in the Lantian sun smoke, you will be painful for knot Yu poetry, the blurred sustenance for posterity the infinite daydream Domestic Helpe.

Your poem, is the need for careful reading.

Jinse or, Untitled or. The current to be reduced to ashes, when it suddenly dies, that overseas the shark, would you shed tears, the tears would for pearls, sorry for you?

Want to know the sad you, sensitive to you, would you, poetic you, for thousands of years is the flip days before, there is still a people will sigh for you.

All good exist just to set off the fate of the pale and helpless, even beautiful end into a sad. So, later you will be a heart like a mirror, do not have dust.

However you have existed, in the tide of history; however you loved, in that meets when difficult also difficult day.

Thousands of years past, hope junan......

Liu smoke vaguely port
In the night, I put the thoughts weave into a flower, not to the shadow swaying, and then, the embrace of the pipa, a water filled meaning light, waiting for the curtain, any feelings, elegant and picturesque fashion women clothing wholesale.

When midnight wind through the window, miss, portable with water whisper whisper, stepping on the years of a road over the flowers, across the south, near you in the rain the night slowly. Tonight, I want to in your bosom, gently: "mountain without edges, heaven, but dare and the king mustManaged Cloud"......

Since love corner meet, beautiful dream is always in my heart, or spread. Now, I think your open hand, read, each process landscape have I for you. Don't finish the hazy picture, write not over of cifinancial planning.

Met you, I met a beautiful blurred misty rain, from now on, on your dribs and drabs, will also become my innermost story. Good Yunnan, a paradise on earth, Yunnan because of you, I know, my heart, my love, will always stay in heaven. Melody of the wind, the day the most known; water que, mountain. Life holds hand of the child, even though the mountains cover the long road, the water and the gentleman far, if you love know I admire Han, go hand in hand. Really want to, and you together with the time to drink, meet a season season flowers, let our heart boat, only load spring not loaded with sorrow.

Gentleman, I can't forget the things you once in my ear repeatedly Niandao sentence: "the origin, I see you in the crowd. When I, I see you in the crowd". Please believe that, regardless of mountains multiply and streams double back, regardless of origin edge off, I will be in the Acacia ferry, dressed in dream Dieyi, the surplus of a sleeve in the wind the chanting of sutras, as you rise and dance in a happy mood......

Do you know?? You are my fleeting glance to see, and unable to part from which I present the red. When I light on tiptoe, and you kiss, my heart will make you a world city, Xu waiting you sansei III, Xu you Millennium reincarnation tie up. When your love upon my lips, I know, my love has been cultivated in the south of the Yangtze River on the road to Yunnan, your smile, is my best day, life with you, since can warm.

I wish for you, please hold a hairpin, string together a pro love, no matter when, as long as you come, the flower of love.

I wish for you, the dream outside the dream with clear string, in a life, love, don't let West Star recalls, not to let Zhuang Sheng Xiao Mengcheng.

I wish for you, let life charming light around a world lingering sings, with Wang Fuya on watch posture, waiting for the lake boats by the flying cloud, charming smile to all night.

Her romantic themes
The quiet corner, a shaking Shuying, stop and go, free in the half awake dreams. The floor of the snow cover, screen glass Moon sobs, leaving the creak talking footprintsMPLS VPN......

Walk in the The Strip, eyes a cold dip my, look at the familiar street, familiar with the cake shop, and sat on the roadside, happy eating snacks, follow the beat of the music, touch your laughter, I seem to find the most familiar but strange figure? Yesterday's appearance, has become today's vicissitudes, scattered in the moonlight, buried in a thick layer of snowDoing business in china!

Busy street, the noisy crowd, eye light, enveloped me throb uneasy heart. The moonlight shone with snow, I quietly intoxicated, listen to the fleeting in the passionsman t shirts sale.

Can't see the past, could not hear the billows, confused destined, memory was confused, twittering. The former present fate, because of ignorance, good dream. A solemn pledge of love agreement, eventually arrived but the ravages of time, sinking in the years to come.

Pretrial flowers bloom, crushed a residual red, clear night singing, sound off a roll of soft. The number of earthly time, paid the Shuidong to. How much care, stranded in the ink. How many clouds dispersed, not as much as the residual light withered away. Generation after generation of reincarnation, the full moon, but wear but end of season two.

Look up at the starry sky, the cold night, and with very much, the most beautiful past, they hide in the heart, let it gradually old, with strings broke, with clouds, let the sky fireworks will it burn. Fixed in the beautiful moment

Tonight for you I hold a snowflake, force and the moonlight like water to you looking at the sky, accompany you to see the snow dance like together!

Look, you love to laugh eyes, love make action, beautiful long hair, were glad in my brow. Snow Oh snowflake, drifting and shaking, and you fall in love in a beautiful winter, but failed to accompany you to sit through a snow scene......

Snow fell to the palm of the hand, into the cold water, hold it, but from a palmprint, secretly slipped away, looking at it with wind, listening to the dance, the palm of the hand is empty, tears trickling down one's cheeks.

I quietly walked in the snow, your love, engraved in the beautiful petals, the outline of your figure with soft smooth lines, points with the aroma of rose copy of your smile, gently you light up in romantic themes, deep......

The collection of happiness

Summer, the road People are hurrying to and fro., heavy traffic; the sun high up in the sky, look up, stab eyes; sweltering heat, light, the supermarket rentoucuandong, sales girl sweet voice, with adults and children have to eat dumplings, noodles waiting. In the vegetable market, it is lively and extraordinary: wide width and narrow road leading to the market, numerous shops feel convenient but too crowded. Call sell meters, Key Duplication Service, selling pirated discs, selling pirated books, clothes, shoes, sell bread, newspaper, magazine, a see things in a blurembroidery by beads.

All this, gave me asphyxia and lonely feeling. To leave this place, to find the true inner fillingInformation Security.

The campus, an idyllic scene, I sat under a tree, look lonely past. When I was young, optimistic by nature, I always everywhere channeling the door, to see Gon Freecss home "saints", Ping sister home to swing, pick the turtle, dragon house to play, but as the days passed quickly, the twinkling of an eye, I began sad reading career. Performance is always the last one, standing by the teacher, students were isolated, laughed atmetal iphone case, I endure, tear filled with. When looking at the students laughing and talking, in pairs, flavor is not very in the heart.

That year, I wronged you, say I stole her small stones, it is silence, beyond dispute.

That year, I am a person sitting in the classroom, with tears in his eyes, no one, no one will play with me, do homework together, no one to comfort me, no one knows my lonely sad.

That year, I was a teacher of inexplicable scold, classmates secretly laugh at. The teacher, is to see I do not pleasing to the eye, always buckle me many points, disrelish me clothes ragged, also accused me of cheating on exams. No one knows, my heart in anguish.

That year, I was a boy I complain, PE did not wear shoes, he also has scolded, chasing, I had to hide in the ladies' room, tears.

That year, the teacher put me on the front row, but the students applauded "farewell", a girl kicked me, I listened to the teacher, while water erase seemingly flow not dried tears, the side of the girl looked at me in the snicker. The heart of sour who know?

That year, the school outing, nobody is willing to a group with me, I'm alone, wandering in the playground to dodge, tears, heart sad. In fact, it is not just that year, almost every year, people don't want to play with me.